Determined crisis management during investigations in the company

Suddenly you find your company in the crosshairs of the investigators. Searchers have been in the house for hours. The prosecution accumulates evidence. Action has to be taken now! Who will lend his support to the management during the crisis as a consultant and authorized representative? 
Who will cater resolutely for the safeguarding of the company’s interests? Who will conduct the negotiations with the investigating agency?

Resolute crisis management

  • Clarity: What is to be done by whom in this situation? What must not be done?
  • A quick overview of the state of affairs calms the situation and brings back
    the ability to act.
  • Internal coordination of the essential measures in the individual departments
    of the company (legal department, HHRR, accounting, controlling,
    communication etc.).

Considerate damage containment

  • Protection of the company’s interests itself, if necessary with an explicit
    distinction between the company and the culprit.
  • Instinctive feeling for the indispensible publicity. A rapid settlement
    always in mind.