in case of emergency


Things to be done in case of emergency

In case of an investigation:

Print out my emergency plan and keep it in such a way that you always have quick access to it in case of emergency.

In case of the institution of a preliminary investigation:

Even if no investigations have been conducted, prosecution and tax investigation often try to create a certain time pressure. Your wish to finish the matter is more than understandable. However, do not give in to that pressure.

Many investigators are also well-trained on a psychological basis and try to inspire confidence with the help of sympathetic words at the beginning of a proceeding. 
Even though it is illegitimate, it is frequently reported about cases in which the investigator implies that the proceeding would be much cheaper without conducting a defending lawyer, “who only is very expensive and makes a lot of trouble.”

Do not forget: The investigator has a legal order to uncover a crime. It is feasible that he tries to make things as easy as possible for himself within the framework of existing legislation. 

Although he has to take exculpatory aspects into account: It is only human that a hunter rather tries to catch his prey instead of letting it go. An investigator should never be considered a friend; his advice will rarely be to the benefit of your interests.

The investigator’s ultimate ambition is to get testimonies of culprits and witnesses as early as possible. No matter if you are a culprit or a witness: You do not have to testify without legal aid. Bearing that in mind, it usually does not get around to unprepared ad-hoc examinations, even though they might be conducted by the legal prosecution.